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Nike Cardboard Packaging

Zack Klauck and Emile Molin designed a packaging system that is  sustainable  during the Nike exhibition in Beijing last year. They decided to use a mesh wrap of recycled cardboard to make a packaging for a shirt and windbreaker together and one for a pair of shoes. nike_2nike_4nike_3nike_2

Mercedes Special Edition G-Wagen – The EDITION30

Is a personal favorite. For 30 years, Mercedes has been hand-building the G-Wagen and now comes the time to release two anniversary modes for its celebration. The more premium edition called the EDITION30 is based on the W463-chassis G500. In true G-Class style, this edition also features leather and wood interior and a platinum black paint job. The other edition, the EDITION30.PUR is based on the older W461 chassis. Features for this model include off-road tires, flexible wheel arches, heavy-duty fabric or synthetic leather for the interior, headlamp guards, and really tough hood. It’s safe to say that another 30 years of off-road adventures with these EDITION30’s would be a great way to explore more uncharted terrain.
G-KlasseG 500G-Klasse




Check out his website, cerified dopeness. One of the most impressive MOTION/ANIMATION/GRAPHIC DESIGNERS TO GRADUATE from ACCD summer 2009.
catbirth of catspunkpunkd50hiphophip-hopwaterele1water electric

Lola Dupré

fascinated by these collages made by Lola Dupré.

Tokujin Yoshioka curation of the memories of CARTIER creations’ exhibition

tok1toko014Rendering of how the space will look and feel.toko013

toko012Scale Model of the exhibition.tok3

toko011The process of developing the exhibition……..

The exhibition was  shown in the hyokeikan gallery of tokyo national museum
back in may .It was been organized to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the treaty of amity and
commerce between france and japan and had  its worldwide premiere in japan.he CARTIER collection consists of over 1,360 pieces of jewels, timepieces and accessories,
for the exhibition yoshioka selected over 250 pieces. The exhibition  highlighted a new dimension of the
‘value of jewelry’ which is totally different from the usual criteria used to judge pieces such
as material, shape and color; in other words he depicted the links between jewelry
and ‘the people’, because behind each piece lies a story. Tokujin Yoshioka wished to combine precious elements of cartier creations such as the passage
of time and thought tied up with the Cartier craftsmanship and style, with the memories from
countless lives handed down throughout the generations. using the latest technology to contrast
‘future and memory space’ Yoshioka has created an exhibition consisting of mirrors, projections,
zoomed details and where the precious pieces magically float. this magical setting perfectly
showcases the miracles of jewelry design by CARTIER, one of the world´s most renowned
creators of jewelry, who have been making brilliantly crafted, luxurious designs since 1847.



Tokujin Yoshioka for Issey Miyake my favorite designer !!


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