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zwirner_judd_install-7tumblr_llopz0cbx51qa5h7no1_500DONALD JUDD


I want to design a house now …. I want to live in snow, like literally. I want to freeze.

Ten Broeck Cottage / Messana O’Rorke


Minimalist House

Country House in Zamora_ Javier de Anton

Minimal , Small , amazing, furnished by ikea……………………………………………is there anything better ?

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Found these images while cleaning up the files on my computer don’t remember where they came from………………zevs_1zevs_2

mitchell_feinberg_8tilda_swinton_sandra_backlundrevepSickest Album Cover EVER !!!!raf_simons_1

Dope IDEA Zip on Bottoms !!!!!!!!!!!….Bad execution .Proportions look clumsy .

tokujin yoshioka: ‘moon fragments’ in ‘story of… memories of CARTIER creations’ exhibition




t13‘moon fragment’
tokujin yoshioka design © CARTIER

the historical CARTIER jewelry exhibition at the tokyo national museum

tokujin yoshioka designed two perfume bottles ‘moon fragments’ for CARTIER which
take the form of a disk and a sphere shape. both are included in the show.

‘the perfume bottle named ‘moon fragment’ is a piece that I designed based on my
vision of the future of CARTIER, and was created through a fusion with the
‘story of…’ fragrance that was specially blended by a CARTIER paris perfumer.
asingle diamond, sparkling inside the bottle that itself emits a truly moonlike
transparence, adds a poignant fragrance to the memories of CARTIER’S history.
Ihope that the stories of CARTIER, the memories of the viewers, and the world
offantasy suggested, along with this fragrance, will be engraved on people’sminds,
while, with the memories of eternal beauty in their hearts, the ‘stories’ ofthis
exhibition will be woven into the future’- tokujin yoshioka


Tokujin Yoshioka curation of the memories of CARTIER creations’ exhibition

tok1toko014Rendering of how the space will look and feel.toko013

toko012Scale Model of the exhibition.tok3

toko011The process of developing the exhibition……..

The exhibition was  shown in the hyokeikan gallery of tokyo national museum
back in may .It was been organized to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the treaty of amity and
commerce between france and japan and had  its worldwide premiere in japan.he CARTIER collection consists of over 1,360 pieces of jewels, timepieces and accessories,
for the exhibition yoshioka selected over 250 pieces. The exhibition  highlighted a new dimension of the
‘value of jewelry’ which is totally different from the usual criteria used to judge pieces such
as material, shape and color; in other words he depicted the links between jewelry
and ‘the people’, because behind each piece lies a story. Tokujin Yoshioka wished to combine precious elements of cartier creations such as the passage
of time and thought tied up with the Cartier craftsmanship and style, with the memories from
countless lives handed down throughout the generations. using the latest technology to contrast
‘future and memory space’ Yoshioka has created an exhibition consisting of mirrors, projections,
zoomed details and where the precious pieces magically float. this magical setting perfectly
showcases the miracles of jewelry design by CARTIER, one of the world´s most renowned
creators of jewelry, who have been making brilliantly crafted, luxurious designs since 1847.

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